GFS-UAV N-01A - New improvements

Hovering test flights at 5 meters above the ground
created on April 19, 2006 - JLN Labs - April 19, 2006
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On April 18, 2006, I have conducted a new serie of test flights in a wide open space with the GFS-UAV N-01A.

The purpose of these flights test are to :

Since the previous flight done on April 11, 2006, some improvements have done on the model.

The gap between the blades and the streamlined body have been greatly reduced to increase the efficiency of the propeller.

The Center Of Gravity (COG) have been moved upward, the Lipo battery have been put on the top and just below the hull.

The Lipo battery used is a PowerHouse (selected cells) 3S1P at 11.1V 950mA (rated for 25C)
Lipo pack weight : 96 g

At 5 meters above the ground, the hovering is very stable...

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Comments from Jean-Louis Naudin : These flights tests are very encouraging, I have been very surprised by the stability of the hovering at 5 meters above the ground. The yaw can be very easily controled by the pilot (myself) and the UAV is able to rotate on demand on its yaw axis while it do a stable hovering. The latest improvements have greatly contributed to these results.

This device can be an excellent VTOL UAV plateform to observe the surrounding...

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