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created on March 31, 2006 - JLN Labs - April 7, 2006
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The tendency to incline itself forward observed during the previous test has been corrected by adding 18 g of lead to the opposite side. With such a setup the GFS-UAV has done successfully several short lift-off and hovering in the lab, but I need more space to fly at higher altitude...

Click on the picture to see the video (1.1 Mb)

Today, I recommend you to use at least a 150 Watts brushless motor with your GFS-UAV N-01A

April 5, 2006 : Improved trust and better stablity with the streamlined body around the propeller

Today, I have added a streamlined body 280 mm diameter and 60 mm height and placed at 45 mm above the hull. Wooww, the efficiency is greatly improved and I have been surprised by the sudden lift-off of the N-01A and its remarquable stability. The strealined body is made with a 3 mm thick depron foam and fixed with 8 carbon rods (2 mm diam) on the hull.

I recommend strongly to add this body on the GFS-UAV.

April 7, 2006 : Successful OUTDOOR tests flights !!!

Click on the picture to see the photos and a video of the outdoor flights.

More tests results are coming soon, stay tuned...

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